Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Secondhand Excitement

As summer is quickly approaching, music festival season is sneaking up on us as well. Many people know about the huge music festival called Coachella, seeing that thousands of people flock to Indio, California each summer. Turns out that a few of my classmates were able to grab Coachella tickets before they sold out. I only have one word to say to them: LUCKY! I can feel the excitment radiating off of them, and before I knew it I was experiencing second-hand excitement from them. Whether we were able to get our hands on those "chella 2014 tix" or not, all of us fashion lovers can get excited for the amazing outfits and are waiting to be showcased at the scene. For all you boho-chic lovers, keep your eyes out for celebrity Coachella fashion photos because those outfits are incredibly gorgeous.

Here are two outfits that I would wear if I was going to attend Coachella. (Maybe next year I'll make this come true!)

music fest 2

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