Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Street Style: Milan Men Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week attracts a swarm of street style photographers, fashion people, insiders in the fashion industry, designers, models, the list goes on and on. All in all, Fashion Week is a huge thing among fashion lovers all over the world. However, I feel that menswear never gets as much hype as much hype of womenswear. It's quite unfortunate because Men's Fashion Week has some of the best street style in my opinion. Is it just me or do well-dressed men (and women) walking around the streets of Milan make you happy? Anyways, here are a few photos of dapper men and chic ladies at Milan Fashion Week 2014.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chanel Couture Craze

Karl Lagerfeld unleashed his 2014 Spring Couture yesterday, and the collection has been all the rage since. Hundreds of GIFs and snapshots of yesterday's collection dominated the dashboards of fashion junkies and articles of fashion magazines. Here is a brief recap of the collection.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Pre-Fall 2014 T by Alexander Wang

I have to say I absolutely loved the T by Alexander Wang Pre-fall 2014 collection. The collection revolved around the theme of sporty meets chic, and in my opinion the themes complimented each other so well. In the collection, there were lots of raw edges and fringed ends along with long, structured coats and bomber jackets. The frays on the unfinished seams helped give a more laid back and casual feeling, which I absolutely adored. I loved the distressed look the pants and shorts had. On top of the jackets and trousers made from denim-like material, Alexander Wang included wide-leg pants and structured coats which contrasted from the more casual elements.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tumblr Finds

Nowadays Tumblr has become a platform for bloggers and fashion enthusiasts alike to find inspiration. Here are some of my favorite photos from Tumblr which I have liked, reblogged, and saved onto my computer.