Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Lookbook #1: S=YZ S/S

I'm trying out a new segment where I introduce lookbooks of lesser known designers. I hope this segment goes really well because I believe that there are many talented designers that some of you should really check out. So please tell me if I should continue with this segment or drop it completely.

The first designer to introduce is South Korean Song Yoozin, or formally known as Song YZ. She had impressive experiences in the fashion world prior to launching her own line, experiences like working alongside Jonathon Saunders and Alexander McQueen. Her 2014 S/S lookbook features boxy silhouettes, long trenchcoats, and circle skirts which gives her ready-to-wear line a quintessentially minimalistic look with a touch of femininity which brings out a unique flair.


  1. Wow your blog is so well curated. Love this lookbook as well - I'd wear so many things!! xx, Tienlyn www.thoughtfulmisfit.com

  2. Great look I love them, you look great, what a lovely blog you have.

  3. I love these prints on the skirt and the dress <3

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