Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chanel Couture Craze

Karl Lagerfeld unleashed his 2014 Spring Couture yesterday, and the collection has been all the rage since. Hundreds of GIFs and snapshots of yesterday's collection dominated the dashboards of fashion junkies and articles of fashion magazines. Here is a brief recap of the collection.

The cropped bolero and slim skirt combination was one of the main looks that was shown in the collection. The looks ranged from different shades of white and light gray and floral patterns appropriate for the spring time.

Another look that was popular in the collection was white dresses with silver detailing. I loved how the silver detailings against the white dresses matched together. The silver gave some oomph factor to the rather plain, white dresses.

Of course, we cannot forget the pastel colors during spring. When else would you wear pastels other than spring? In these looks, the cropped bolero and skirt combination is still used but with creamy pastels and fun prints.

Along with the cropped tops and skirts, there were lots of sheer numbers thrown into the mix as well. The light sheer material and intricate designs definitely gives off a dream-like feeling to the outfits.

And we can never forget the dresses! There were so many dresses that I had to narrow them down to my few favorites. My absolute favorites would have to be the first and last row. What is/are your favorite look(s)? 

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  1. love the last row the best! gorg! Following you back on Bloglovin! xx

  2. pretty collection, love the white tones!

  3. Such a glamourous collection! :)

  4. The little man next to Karl is adorable and impeccably dressed :) Great post and blog!