Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Street Style: Milan Men Fashion Week 2014

Fashion Week attracts a swarm of street style photographers, fashion people, insiders in the fashion industry, designers, models, the list goes on and on. All in all, Fashion Week is a huge thing among fashion lovers all over the world. However, I feel that menswear never gets as much hype as much hype of womenswear. It's quite unfortunate because Men's Fashion Week has some of the best street style in my opinion. Is it just me or do well-dressed men (and women) walking around the streets of Milan make you happy? Anyways, here are a few photos of dapper men and chic ladies at Milan Fashion Week 2014.

Photos via The Fashion Spot


  1. Really interesting reading a post about Men's fashion which I don't know much about. I love the photo of the guy with the bright orange red coat and stripey scarf. I will start following you on bloglovin. (I'm from bloggers for newbies group). Have you got a facebook page? Best wishes for your blog

  2. Great to read a little about Men's fashion which is new to me. Love the Milan style! I especially like the guy wearing the bright red coat! I'm from bloggers for newbies group. I will start following on bloglovin. Do you have a facebook page as I'm not on instagram?. Best wishes with the new blog!

  3. So sorry you have 2 comments (now 3), I hadn't realised the first comment had been published. I thought it had just vanished

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